Interesting Day


The topsy turvy world of ware. Some interesting pieces:
* Iraq Curtails Arab TV's RoleAl Jazeera, the most-watched Arab language news network in the Middle East, said yesterday that the Iraqis had barred its two correspondents in Baghdad from reporting. It said that it would respond by suspending coverage of all of its correspondents accredited by Iraq. They think Al Jazeera is pro-American?
* "Iraqis Plan for a Climactic Defense of the Capital": In public statements, officials have predicted prolonged battles on the city's outskirts, where troops have deployed under the canopies of palm trees in farms watered by the Tigris River. As those forces fall back, the government has said it will revert to tactics employed with some success in southern cities -- bands of loyal militiamen holed up in poor, crowded neighborhoods harrying U.S. forces as they rumble down Baghdad's wide-open highways.