Bike Update

Well, it’s biking season again. here are some of the latest toys I’ve been looking at:
For my Cyclocross project:
BIKEMAN’S On-Line Store: MECHANICAL DISC BRAKES. Good place to buy Avid Mechanical Disc Brakes for Road bikes. There is a magic adaptor required as well.
“Mavic Speedcity 700c”: These are 700c wheels with disc hubs. So you don’t have to ask someone to build up a 700c rim with a disc hub. Not that that is that hard. “Front”: is about $150 and “rear”: is $200.
For my road bike, major thing, lighter stuff:
* “Topolino”: The lightest clinchers that appear to be made. Very high technology and made in Connecticut no less. Colorado Cyclist carries them. $850 a pair at “Colorado Cyclist”:,224,335&TextMode=0. Wow, but they weigh just 1400 grams. That’s 200 grams less than my current Mavics. Interesting talk at “Cycling Forum”: and at “Cyclocross World”:
* “eBikeWheels”: Haven’t shopped here, but some exotic wheels.
* “Velomax Ascent II”: These are the latest from Velomax. Now down to 1413 grams per pair. Pretty close to the exotic Topolino’s at a lower price. $649 list.

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