Blackberry redux


Connie's flakey Blackberry is finally giving out. And, Aether is not a great provider either, although pricing was great 18 months ago when I bought it for her from
So, we're in the market for a newer blackberry. It is amazing to me that after three years, my own BlackBerry really hasn't been beat as an email device. So, here are the ones we're looking at:
* BlackBerry 6210 Wireless Handheld. This is the newest one with an integrated speaker and microphone so you don't need an ear bud. Won't be around until June though from AT&T Wireless. T-mobile has it in their catalog, but you can only get from one of their corporate reps.
* "T-Mobile Hiptop": This is the Danger device. Has basic POP access which is all Connie needs and how we used her last BlackBerry. I don't know if she'll like the keys much though. This thing got a 90% positive rating on C|Net though.
* Dark horses are the Treo 300, but it is $500 like the BlackBerry, so why pick it.
* PocketPCs like the Thera (but it is too expensive at $800) and the rest don't have keyboards.