Well, Gary has a cool Coolscan 4000 and it is amazing. I’ve been looking for a reasonably priced scanner with scratch removal:
* “Steve Digicam’s Compendium”: Easily the most comprehension collection of reviews on high quality scanners.
* Canon just shipped the Lide 9900 which has scratch removal in a flat-bed for $399. Not bad.
* Canon Fare System Test. They use a proprietary scheme. Here’s a sample of what it does.
* “Ken Rockwell”: Not very flattering review of a flat bed vs. a film scanner. He likes the Epson 2450 which has gotten good reviews for general purpose scanning.
* “”: A review of the CanoScan FS4000S with FARE.
* “Petri Kokkonen”: The likes the CanoScan and did an good analysis of FARE

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