Bi-wiring and Speaker Cables


I'm in the middle of changing the cables I have in my home theater. There is quite a bit written and it is a little confusing. I have an incredible mismash of cables and they are coming apart. I want to make them neat and clean. Here are some relevant things to look at:
* "Better Cables": Yet another great Internet site started because it was a hobby. Incredibly expensive if you compare with with things like Monster Cable, but cheaper if you become a member at "Home Theater Spot": and certainly less expensive than super high end audiophile ones.
* Cobalt Cable FAQ. Cobalt Cables has a good summary along with some words about bi-wiring. Helps with the mess of different connections.
* "Bi-Wiring Speakers": There is quite a bit of controversy about this in general and it brought me back to my introductory classes on RLC circuits and transmission lines. Read on if you want to know the theory. The basic thing it says if that if you run a separate wire to the tweeter and mid-range, you will get different frequency responses because they are different loads. One is inductive and the other capacitive. The main point though is that if the cables are gigantic enough, it won't make any difference since there is little resistance in the cable (much less than 0.1 ohm).