STP 2003 or Bust!

Cascade Bicycle Club: Group Health Group Health Seattle to Portland Bicycle Classic. “Hoops”: has done it a million times. I wanted to do it last year, but had a bike accident that put me out of commission, but I’m healthy this year and here we go. It’s 200 miles long and there were 7,170 riders in 2002 with 1,356 doing it in one day. Our goal this year.
Here’s the vital information:
* “Suggested Weekly Mileage”: There is no time like the present! This week of April 28 for instance, the one day rider should be doing 120 miles total with an 80 mile Friday or Saturday ride and then two days of 20 mile rides. I’m at about 80 miles last week, so better hustle. Main problem is all my miles are for 20 mile rides, so I have to pump out a long one on Friday’s. BTW, 80 miles is roughly 5 hours for me on the bike!
* It’s tempting to sign up for personal training. Lots of people provide this from “”: for $80 per month to Chris Carmichael (Lance’s trainer).

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