I’m getting ready for the STP. Just read Chris Carmichael’s training book (the one with Lance on the cover). Was helpful. Increased average speed on my run to work (10 miles almost exactly) from an average of 16 to 17.4 mph just by the pedaling advice and some training. Here are other things I’m doing:
* “Chris Carmichael”:http://trainright.com. Signed up for a $21/month for six months training over the Internet thing. Seemed nominal and I’ll try some other folks as well, but this seemed like an easy thing.
* Hammer Gel Reviews. Need some more gel. This was highly recommended last year. Plus you can use it to mix energy drinks as I recall. And you can buy it direct.
* Clif Bars. I use these all the time. If you look, you can get for $1.15 per bar on sale at Safeway, etc. Haven’t found a good online source yet.
* “Cytomax”:http://www.roadbikereview.com/Nutrition/Cytomax,Cytomax/PRD_20575_1643crx.aspx or Extran are pure energy drinks as well. Haven’t tried them.

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