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Train Right with Carmichael Training Systems. So, I finally decided to try this and get more systematic. I’m going to start recording my times and what I do in this blog. Blogs are such a good place to store things as Zagula points out.
Here is what I did today:
* 72 minutes in zone 2 (140-150 bpm) to and from work.
* Two 3 mile time trials out and back to Seward Park. First time was 7:35 minutes and the return was 9:15 minutes. Average cadence was about 90 out and about 85 back. There was a 5-10 knot wind blowing, so it was a little breezy. Was cool and not humid though. Average heart rate was about 165 bpm. Effort level was about 7 out of 10, so it wasn’t a mad dash, but more of figuring out all the many buttons to push on the bike computer and the HRM.

H4. Training Goals
These are the starting point questions from Brian over at CTS:
# How many hours/miles have you been training per week for the last 4-6 months? It’s varied, but during the winter it has been 2-3 times per week probably for a total of 4-5 hours or so. So, not much. But, thank goodness it is getting sunny again. It was depressing riding in the wind, dark and rain all those winter months.
# Briefly describe your current training program. I ride to work and back primarily during the weekdays. This is 10 miles each way. If I have time, I tack on a loop around Mercer Island (live in Seattle) to take it to a 20 mile jaunt. Most of this is what you would be zone 2 (140 bpm) and then I typically at the end will drive for zone 4 (160 bpm). I’m estimating my Max HR at 185, but haven’t done the test described in Chris’s
book so don’t know the measured actual. One of these days, I’ll do intervals of max effort for 10 seconds and then rest for 50 seconds with 10 reps.
# What events are you focusing on for this year and next? Main event is the Seattle-to-Portland (STP). This is a 200 mile event. Working to get this done in a day. Although I reserve the right to do it in two if I’m not in shape. There is a tune-up June 23 which is a Century as well I’ve signed up for.
# What is the date of your major goal event? July 12 is D-day!
# What distance are you racing/touring? What class? Not a racer and I’m not sure what you mean by distance. I’d like to be able
to bang out a century pretty reliably.
# How many days and hours per week would you like to devote to training? Great question. I think a minimum of 4 days per week during the week plus Saturday (got dispensation from the wife) to do a long Saturday. I can do a
long Friday too in the afternoon say 4 hours. So that total might be 10-16 hours per week.

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