Kevin’s Comment on Home Theater Recommendations. A little wierd, but I’m creating a new entry that refers to a comment on my own website, so that it gets indexed properly.
Basically, poor Kevin is like just about everyone else. Trying to hook things up properly and it is complicated. Main advice is to subscribe to “Home Theater Spot”: They folks there are just great.
Here is what he has, hopefully, this is a useful guide for others;
* Denon 2803.
* Mitsubishi 55 (HD) Television
* Motorola digital cable box
* Motorola HD decoder
* Pioneer dv-656a DVD players
* Sony VCR.
So here is a quick guide. First off, you’ve spent enough that you really should get a “Pronto”: so that you can manage all of this with one remote. It is going to be incredibly complicated otherwise.
On hookups, let’s start with the video ones. I’m referring now to the Denon 2803 “manual”:, since I don’t have one of these things yet. Page 6 and 7 are the key ones I think…

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