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Well, the printer market keeps changing, now it’s time to look for a great photo-printer. Here is what I’ve learned:
Hardware Reviews – C|Net unfortunately, doesn’t throw old reviews away. For the reviews that are less than a year old, the winners are:
* “Epson 2200”: Lots of folks like this one. 84% positive reviews. Steve Bush loves his. It’s expensive though.
* “Canon i950”: and the “PC Mag Review”:,4149,916063,00.asp. Replaces the very good S900. Phil Bogle got one and loves it. Doesn’t have a roll feeder for lots of borderless prints though. This is the ONLY machine with a pricepoint at $249 with a consistent 2 picolitre droplet, 4800 dpi and 3072 nozzles to put out a 4×6 borderless print in about 37 seconds. Amazing.

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  1. marco Avatar

    I’ve heard goood things about Epsons.

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