Buying a Polar S720

Polar S720 on ebay. Hoops has been on me to get him a new bike computer. The S720 is about $330 from, so I’ve also been looking on ebay. The query above is one way to find it. You have to subtract out items because folks list the S720 as S-720, S 720 and 720 which are queries that you can’t run a one liner on ebay.
Anyway, this shows that the lowest price has been about $212-232 for this, so it is quite a savings from the “$300”:,22978,27734,20070,22854,28682,12111,24608,24609,27091,24610,24604,16241,24603,12150 at Colorado Cyclist.
Still need to get the power kit separately from “Colorado Cyclist”:,22978,27734,20070,22854,28682,12111,24608,24609,27091,24610,24604,16241,24603,12150. The cadence thing is just $40 separately, but the power output kit is a cool $315 although this includes cadence and power output.
You can also get the whole thing direct from a big “Polar reseller”: for $690. This is a Polar S720i, a Power Output kit and a USB/IR connection. We don’t really this last thing, although it is very convenient if you don’t have a laptop.

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