Nearly There…DVD+RW

Nearly There…DVD+RW - Compatibility List DVD-Video Players. Well, I finally blew the DVD+RW as a test with MovieFactory. It looks decent, not great. Main problem now are the many incompatibilities with players.
"Compatibility hacking for DVD Recorders": My Toshiba 6200 needs a compatibliity hack, but the Sony DRU-120A drive I have can't have the bitsettings changed. At least the latest version of Nero has this utility built-in. Arrrgghh.
"Sony DRU-120A Support": At least I found support page and I got the manual now. Also to update the firmware, you need Windows ASPI drivers which XP doesn't load anymore. Arrrgghh.
Also, my machine has corrupted codecs thanks to Kazaa Lites Codec Pack installation so I can't see the DVD on my machine anymore. Sigh. I need to get the Windows XP SP1 CD. Windows is demanding a CD and I only have a copy on the disk. Arrrggghhh.

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