Drowning in Wifi Signals

Doug’s Dynamic Drivel: A new Wi-Fi model. This problem of how power WiFi has been hotly debated in our shop over at “Geekfishing”:http://geekfishing.net. Basically if you have lots of 802.11 Wifi access points beaconing, you get unpredictable results as clients roam automagically from one to another. In our own offices, there are no less than […]

Topolino Wheelset Review and Veloflex Pave Reviews

h2. Topolino Wheelset Topolino Tech. I’m a crazy dope with too much craziness for lightness. In any case, I just got these wheels. A great deal from “Bethel Cycles”:http://bethelcycles.com that includes tires, rim strip and tubes. I finally got these and mounted them with a set of Veloflex Pave 700×22 tires. Here’s a review of […]

SHN: Lossless Compression

a little ludwig goes a long way: SHN. John points out that instead of using lossy Mpeg compression. Going to a lossless compression scheme like SHN might be better. Great point. With disk space so available, I’m already encoding at 320Kbps variable rate which is still 5x less than the raw CD format. But, I […]

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