Drowning in Wifi Signals

Doug’s Dynamic Drivel: A new Wi-Fi model. This problem of how power WiFi has been hotly debated in our shop over at “Geekfishing”:http://geekfishing.net.
Basically if you have lots of 802.11 Wifi access points beaconing, you get unpredictable results as clients roam automagically from one to another. In our own offices, there are no less than five different Wifi networks up at any given time from different small businesses. Boy it is confusing for end users to suddenly get on a network. What is worse is that half the networks won’t allow VPN back to our secured company network.
Sign of things to come. And according to the folks at “RovingIP”:http://rovingip.net, this is not easy to solve without low level changes in all clients.

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