History of the Trek OLCV

History and Revisions of the TREK OCLV Frameset. Great review of the history of the most famous. Thanks to Lance Armstrong frame right now. Didn’t know that they had such a special front fork. Also love their “gush”:http://www.chainreaction.com/oclvbest.htm about the OCLV frame. It’s just 2.3 lbs for the OLVC 120 and 2.2 for the OLCV […]

Self Defense Classes

Ludwig seeks Self Defense courses in the area. John is looking for self-defense courses. I’ve heard great things about Home Alive and Connie is on the board of Womens Funding Alliance, so I’ve seen a grant proposal from them. Don’t know about the others. I’ve been taking martial arts courses off and on for the […]

Road bike tire advice

RoadBikeRider.com. Every road bike rider should get their newsletter. Here’s some great advice about tires I haven’t seen elsewhere. I’ve been throwing away my tires a little early, so this is a great set of tips: Dear Uncle Al: How can I tell when it’s time to replace my tires? And does it make sense […]

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