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Ludwig seeks Self Defense courses in the area. John is looking for self-defense courses. I’ve heard great things about Home Alive and Connie is on the board of Womens Funding Alliance, so I’ve seen a grant proposal from them. Don’t know about the others.
I’ve been taking martial arts courses off and on for the last 15 years. Reminds me that I really do want to get back into it. Now that the kids are older, maybe this is a good time.
If I were doing this, I’d find Rachel. An ex-Marine, knows her stuff. She’s in the area. Did her classes for two years. As a kid who got threatened a lot in school (I wonder why), there is nothing like confidence builders like this. And, of course for many folks, it is, unfortunately, a part of life that you need to know this. Of course, the self-defense is the practical part, there are other great things like strength, flexibility, confidence and discipline that the martial arts teaches you. Taking “Tang Soo Do”: in my sophomore year was the single best thing that ever happened to me as I reflect on it. A great thanks to Dennis Eardley, our instructor from the tougher parts of Trenton and Monica, the head of the group.
Turns out BTW, that basic self defense is about 95% awareness and then there are basically two techniques. In fact, the Korean Army teaches something called “Hapkido”: which is essentially these two moves over and over (that is punch to the nose, shatters it, then shards to the brain and the other is the groin kick then see above). Other trick is learning basics of releases (most important one is realizing that you can get out of nearly any hold by just pressing in the direction where the his thumb and fingers meet).
The best long term group in Seattle is the Washington State Karate Association.
In my humble experience, the main thing I did learn from Rachel is that nothing you can do can beat a bullet and only on TV is avoiding a knife easy. Other thing I’ve learned is that humans are amazingly fragile. It is far easier to hurt someone than you would ever expect. Personally, I’ve had my hand broken, I’ve destroyed someones knee, I’ve cracked ribs.

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  1. Arizona Criminal Defense Lawyer Daniel Jaffe Avatar

    There are so many dangers that training can never protect against, but I agree that the best thing that martial arts training does is to sharpen one’s mind and awareness, so as to give us a better chance of recognize and thus avoiding potential dangers in the first place.
    I’ve heard that in the advanced stages of martial arts mastery, the master is actually able to speed up his/her perception so as to slow time in the real world, thereby giving advanced warning of an attack, and extra “time” to react to same.

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