VeloNews: 2003 Tour de France Special Coverage
h4. Trek aims for new heights with Madone
Waterloo has been particularly tight-lipped about its latest high-end road racer, which will replace the 5900 Superlight. Lucky for us, information has just leaked out on the bike that Lance (and possibly his teammates) will race on in certain stages of the Tour. Here’s the scoop:
The new bike, to be called the Madone 5.9, features a radically aero’ OCLV tubeset – one that pushes the UCI envelope regarding aerodynamics. Both the top and down tubes are radically flared, while the seat tube also sees heavy shaping to reduce windage from the rear wheel. The frame also incorporates an “A-Stay” seat-stay cluster for added lateral stability.
The company says the Madone 5.9 is the “culmination of Trek’s decade-long knowledge of working with carbon technology.” It is claimed to be the lightest, most streamlined frame ever produced by Trek while keeping in mind the proven geometry and the ride characteristics of the 5900 USPS Superlight.
2000 Superlight vs. 2003 Madone
Frame: 1100g (2.43lb)
Fork: 339g (0.75lb)
Total: 1439g (3.17lb)
Frame: 1145g (2.52lb)
Fork: 345g (0.76lb)
Total: 1490g (3.28lb)
h4. CicloSport Computer
How do they keep track of all those miles?
In this year’s Tour, U.S. Postal will use CicloSport computers to monitor distance, speed and a host of other variables as well. The limited-edition USPS HAC 4 ($320) has all the same functions of the Standard HAC 4 – that’s 57 total functions. A few key functions are:
* Measures power wattage output
* Measures rate of descent/ascent
* Measures altitude
* Is compatible for both road and mountain biking
* Capable of storing 64 hours of ride time
Similar stats and price compared with the Polar S720i that I just got. Will be interesting to see reviews. If it is easier to use, then this is the one to go for given it has wattage.

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