With the demise of a favorable UK exchange rate, I’ve had to switch my purchasing to US stores. Here’s a list of places I’ve been using:
* Jenson USA. Fast delivery. They have slight discounts on Campy cassettes (why are they so expensive), Selle Italia SLR seats, Salsa Ti skewers and some other things
* “Lickton’s”:http://www.lickbike.com. Depends on what you want, but this is a small store in Chicago that can have very good prices. Plus, they are small, so I like to help them out.
* “Harris Cyclery”:http://sheldonbrown.com. Sheldon works at Harris and they have great specialty parts like a long reach brake caliper for my old Trek 520. Great advice on this site.
* “Branford Bikes”:http://branfordbike.com. This is the other speciality shop with lots of strange components that I have used. A nice shop near Yale.

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