Landing School 26 Weekender

The Landing School: Boats For Sale – LS 26 Weekender. What a beautiful boat that “Lewis”: told me about. He’s looking for one that he can use in Maine. Also a nice one for around here. Also he finally explained to me why a sailboat actually moves forward. Let me short circuit this by saying […]

Trek 560 Uses Short Reach Brakes and Long Bolt

Harris Cyclery Brakes for Bicycles. I got my BR7301 Tektro 521AG Long-Reach Dual-Pivot Calipers from Harris no problem for just $50 and they only weight 350 grams. Not much given the cost. I had assume my Trek 560 was long “reach”: with a “recessed”: mount. But, interestingly, this is one of the few bikes I’ve […]

Threading Rear Derailleur Cable

Well, I’m almost done with this bike. I’m short a barrel adjuster, but the most important problem right now is how to thread the rear derailleur cable. Here’s the response I got from Skip who runs the vintage Trek site: Hello Richard – I have wondered about that myself. Hmmmmm – Perhaps you can use […]

WMD Not Found

Cannot find Weapons of Mass Destruction. The funniest site I’ve seen in a long time. Someone did a spoof of the “Web Page cannot be displayed” message that Internet Explorer shows and change it to “Weapons of Mass Destruction cannot be displayed.” Hilarious. Ludwig says I missed it and this went through the blog world […]

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