Landing School 26 Weekender

Landing School 26 Weekender

The Landing School: Boats For Sale - LS 26 Weekender. What a beautiful boat that "Lewis": told me about. He's looking for one that he can use in Maine. Also a nice one for around here.
Also he finally explained to me why a sailboat actually moves forward. Let me short circuit this by saying that the "conventional": explanation of the Bernoulli Effect is not the answer. Where somehow the air on top of the foil must travel faster than the air flowing underneath, like the two flows have a date at the back. To me that answer has always been hard to fathom.
If Connie the molecule leaves around one route that is 8 miles and I, "Rich The Molecule" leave on another that is 4 miles, where does it say that Connie is going to paddle twice as fast. More likely, we'll go at the same speed and she'll only be half way around when I finish.
Some folks get it right like "Sci-fun":, but it still doesn't explain why a foil like a sail has force.
"NASA": Provides the best explanation that I've seen and of course it is complex. It is not just the Bernoulli Principle or the Newton conservation of mass principle. What happens is that the answer is complex and there is something called the Euler Equations that you have to understand.
Thanks Lewis!

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  1. I have owned one since 1997, love it. It has been in Glen Cove, NY since 97. I am at the moment preparing to ship it to the Adriatic in Northern Italy where it will spend the next few years at least.

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