Kazaa, PeerGuardian and RIAA Blocking


Emocium: Forum - 2 Kazaa Programs Try to Block RIAA. So, it has begun. Now folks are going to have a public list of RIAA IP addresses at something called Public Guardian and you can block addresses with some Kazaa derivatives.
"Banned IP Addresses":http://methlab.tech.nu/. So it goes. Shows that technical solutions are always out there. Also blocks port 1214 so that folks can't see what you have. It's a matter of time before a list like this goes completely distributed and P2P systems become anonymous IMHO. They have a utility called PeerGuardian that blocks known RIAA addresses. Had it up for 24 hours and noticed that someone from Universal Studios SBC (at least their IP address) were pinging me. Interesting. Apparently, there are quite a few folks with bots now selling their searches to the music industry according to the folks at Methlab.tech.nu.