Clausewitz Study Guide.

Bibliomania: Free Online Literature and Study Guides. Bibliomania is a great free study guide. Don’t understand the business model, but am sure glad it is there. Here’s useful quote for someone defending their turf: Not only reason but experience, in hundreds and thousands of instances, show that a well-traced, sufficiently manned, and well-defended entrenchment is, […]

Quotes from Sun Tzu, Clauswitz and others

Like Zagula, I’ve been collecting quotes and thoughts like mad. Here are some good sources: * Library Sun Tzu The Art of War and Strategy Site by . Besides Sun Tzu, he’s got most of the other classic military thinkers like “Clausewitz’: * “Web Wargaming”: While doing this, I found someone who wrote a […]

Mini-PC Recommendations

Tom’s Hardware Guide PCs & HowTo: The Mailman Has Arrived: Four Mini-PCs on the Test Bench – The First Car: A Motorized Carriage. Jennie and Adrian asked me about updating their computer “brain”. They have a five year old Northwest Computers machine that I recommended, but it won’t run the latest Apple MP3 player software […]

Belkin F5D7130 802.11g Wireless Router

Tom’s Hardware Guide Networking: Review: Belkin F5D7130 802.11g Wireless Network Access Point – Other Features. I need some access points around the house, the Belkin has some good features for “meshing” together multiple access points. Something called Wireless Distribution System allows various APs to use others as repeaters. Pretty cool. Belkin for including both WDS […]

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