More on the Madone 5.9

More on the Madone 5.9

:: Lance Armstrong Official 2003 Tour de France Website: Close look at the Trek Madone 5.9. Some moe details, but not the price which will be amazing I'm sure. Coming this fall to a bike store near you. Will have the new Dura-Ace 10, new ultralight fork from Bontrager.
Although it is slightly lighter, the main advantage is aerodynamics. Says, you'll save a minute over a 200km ride. Wow, 160 miles and you sae 60 seconds. At the pro level, that's amazing. For us ordinary mortals, maybe we should train a little more 🙂
Still what a drool factor. Just look at the "photos": of the Dura-Ace crank and the frame itself.

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  1. rich , thanks id like get an idea what was the framesets selling price going to be and at what time were thr trek dealerships going to be retailing this madone 5.9 frameset and fork , much love and thanks ( willie B @

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