I’ve been trying to understand the various spam filters:
* SpamAssassin: Welcome to SpamAssassin. Interesting to see the techniques that they are using. I’ve also been using outclass which uses Bayesian analysis rather than the header, text analysis, blacklist and collaborative spam-tracking database.
* “Vipul’s Razor”:http://razor.sourceforge.net/. They noted Vipul’s Razor which I’ll have to look at that. Sounds pretty cool.
* “Spamotomoy”:http://spamotomy.com. They review spam filters. An interesting read. I like the p[oints about disposable email addresses for instance and also the reviews.

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  1. R Matus Avatar

    Have you tried InBoxer (http://www.inboxer.com), yet? Spamotomy gave it its top rating.

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