Kid Cars Galore

Well, its almost the school season and we need a car that can carry 4-5 kids in addition to grownups. We looked at a ton of cars, but Connie really liked:
* “Volvo XC-90”: They did a great job designing a car for someone who doesn’t want a minivan (I’m not really a mom!) or an SUV (I don’t want a huge truck) but something cute. Unfortunately, in order to be cure, the rear seat has to be small
* “Acura MDX”: The non emotional choice. Not a sexy car and definitely a huge one. But, it has a big rear seat. For Rich, it is the fact that it is actually realiable.
What about me? Well, I get Connie’s car as a hand-me-down but in the mean time, my next car is going to be technologically cool and very practical (vs. fast like my current 540i), so these are:
* Ford Escape Hybrid. Well, I”m sure the thing will fall apart, but it is pretty amazing that by summer 2004, there will be an SUV that gets 40 mpg. Sign me up.
* “Toyota Estima”: Only in Japan for now, but this is a hybrid minivan. Gets 40 mpg!
* “Toyota Prius 2004”: An all new design. Looks like a car of the future. Only 5 seats, so can’t really use with our three kids plus a carpool type.

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