Tom’s Hardware Guide Networking: Review: Buffalo Tech WLA2-G54 AirStation 54-Mbps Wireless Compact Repeater Bridge-g – Closing Thoughts. This is close to the perfect wireless access point. The main issue is that it has a pretty bad user interface.
Also note that the WLA2 uses Broadcom’s BCM4702 Wireless Network Processor which is the same as used in Buffalo Tech’s WBRG54 router and Linksys WAP54G and WRT54G AP and routers. So it is really firmware that is different.
Also, the tester found all kinds of throughput problems with the Belkin F5D7010 card he used and the Buffalo Tech “WLICBG54”: card. Basically, both cards dropped in throughput randomly in performance testing, so you didn’t get a real 20Mbps.
But, it does have the key features like 802.11b/g as well as the wireless repeater function.

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