Ogg Vorbis and other formats


I'm experimenting with funky new encoders that are coming out all the time. For instance. XIPH:http://xiph.org seems to have an amazing collection of encoders:
* A speech encoder called SPEEX
* Vorbis for music. There is a nice 5MB encoder called OggDrop that includes the encoder.
* FLAC is now a XIPH project as well for lossless compression.
Both are supposed to be great. So, I just decode FLAC to WAV (e.g., the original uncompressed stuff) and try the new encoder. Apparently the way it works is that OGG is the container format and in it you can put speech (hence the term OGG SPEEX) or music (hence the term OGG VORBIS) or lossless music (hence the term OGG FLAC).
Feels like I'm speaking Martian.