Kazaa Hash Issues


Updates on the P2P business:
* "P2P Links":http://homepage.ntlworld.com/tim.leonard1/webdir/index.htm. Tim Leonard did P2P guardian (a nice IP blocking program) and has some good links to track the P2P business.
* "Zeropaid":http://www.zeropaid.com/. A whole portal just for file sharing.
* "Boycott RIAA":http://www.boycott-riaa.com. Pretty humorous site that tracks the RIAA.
* Zeropaid.com - Music industry uses vulnerability in Kazaa Hash Calculations. I am listing this topic here, because more and more people are beginning to download fake or corrupted files from the FastTrack network, despite using a verified hash. Some people have asked me how this is possible, the main reason being that Kazaa does not use each and every byte of a file to determine its hash.