Skype and NAT tunnelling

_A discussion of Voice-over-IP and a good explanation of why folks needs something that penetrates firewalls_ Skype Firewall and NAT (Network Address Translation) traversal: Non-firewalled clients and clients on publicly routable IP addresses are able to help NAT’ed nodes to communicate by routing calls. This allows two clients who otherwise would not be able to […]

Windworks is Great!

Windworks Sailing Center. Connie and I just did the second round of classes on sailing over there. They have a really great series called “Adventure”: Lessons where you don’t have to sit a class room and have the instructor say, please say “PORT” class, and you say, “PORT”. Instead, you read the book at home […]

Arrgghh. Ensim to Cpanel

Arrgghh. Mark over at “TQHosting”: has switched from ensim as the control panel for shared sites to cpanel. Have to say cpanel is incredibly powerful, but now ever path name has changed. Mark was nice enough to run scripts to flip over nearly everything, but gallery, so now I’m reinstalling that. Need to remember how […]

Getting Visioneer 7600 to work…arrghh

I’ve been trying to get our old Visioneer 7600 to work and have lost the CD. Thank goodness for “”: or “”: they actually have all these random DLLS that various folks spill everywhere. The required files that are needed are: * maxkrnl.dll * – download maxcodec.dll is a good example. Used by PaperPort […]

Peer to peer voip

Hey Ludwig, here’s the next big thing, it’s a peer to peer voip service. Give it a try! Skype is moving like wildfire through my family and friends.  Wow.  Easier than e-mail and chat (now that they are garbaged up with features). [John Robb’s Weblog] Listening to Landslide by Dixie Chicks from Home (03:50)

Firewalls won't work…

Good notes from Ray Ozzie about the problem with firewalls. Folks in homes and in business are going to discover this soon. Basically, you have to armor every PC since if you have one infected one, then someone VPNs in and the whole network is poluuted. My buddy, Jon Lazarus, has a good explanation. The […]

My goodness, a record label that gets it…

I’m just not sure that prosecuting your customers and telling them they are wrong are a good strategy. Never mind what the law says, its interesting to me to see that folks download songs yes, but iTunes is doing well and most folks are happy to pay $1-2 for a ring tone for goodness sakes. […]

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