I’ve been trying to get our old Visioneer 7600 to work and have lost the CD. Thank goodness for “dll-files.com”:http://dll-files.com or “downloadthis.com”:http://www.downloadthis.net/dllfiles.html they actually have all these random DLLS that various folks spill everywhere.
The required files that are needed are:
* maxkrnl.dll
* www.dll-files.com – download maxcodec.dll is a good example. Used by PaperPort 6.1.
* maxutil.dll
* pperr.dll
* maxrast.dll
Well, now it says it can’t find the device and connect. Arrrghh.

10 responses to “Getting Visioneer 7600 to work…arrghh”

  1. Rich Avatar

    You are right. A great scanner is now $90 as show in popphoto.com. I guess I’m too cheap to get a new one, but I should. The prices have really fallen and we need one.

  2. admstockdale Avatar

    I just picked up one of these 7600 USB models secondhand and cannot get XP to install. I have the CD, it quits and asks for another scanner. Is there a driver download to fix this?

  3. Alberto Avatar

    You are a lifesaver Rich. Thought I had lost my Visioneer OneTouch scanner when I migrated from Win98 to XP. Thanks to your posting, I followed your instructions to load maxkrnl.dll and the others and was able to install the darned scanner.
    Now the only thing left is the printer. XP will not install the USB driver for my Epson Stylus 580. XP install in on parallel port while the printer is USB. XP does find a USB printer and starts to install the USB driver and stops!!!!!!!!!!!1

  4. Bill Avatar

    I ve got this 7600 scanner too. and I dont have the cd. Could somebody send me the folder called SCANSOFT or VISION from 7600 CD. this is the only way to install it. I need nothing else
    thanks Bill
    If you wanna know how to get it worked goto website

  5. Greg Avatar

    I’ve got the 7600 CD… if will you tell me how use this thing… all my scans are a “.max” extension…
    I would like them to be a bmp or jpg extension… do you know how to do that? I call Visioneer “no help desk” and they charged me 2 dollars a minute for knothing…(can’t wait to see my phone bill) arggg… LOL … boy that’s the last time I ever buy a product from them… anyway wanna trade?

  6. Michael Avatar

    R U using XP? I have the cd for 9x. Let me know what files you need?

  7. Rich Tong Avatar

    They are in dllfiles.com. Look there and do a search for the specific names

  8. susan Avatar

    where did you put those .dll files it was asking for? i’m having the same problem. any ideas why?

  9. Rich Tong Avatar

    You’re right, but I’m such a nerd, I just can’t stand the idea of throwing something away that works. 3 hours of my time certainly isn’t worth it, but heck, I got it to work 🙂

  10. John Ludwig Avatar

    dude, scanners are so cheap now, just buy a new one. your time is worth more than the savings of trying to make the old thing work.

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