Rides around Seattle


Seattle has some really great road bike rides as well as close by mountain biking. Here's a list of places that I go:
* Ride around Lake Washington. This is the classic 60 or so mile ride around the lake. I've done a bunch. Main issue is that traffic particularly around Kirkland and also Renton.
* Ride around Mercer Island. A nice 15 miles plus what it takes to get on or off the island. Traffic can be a problem too unless done early.
* Flying Wheels Century. This is a great ride in Carnation and the Snoqualmie Valley.
* Seattle Bicycle Club - Rides Calendar. A great club. They also put their maps for rides on their web site which is just great. The 43 mile "Gas Works to Edmonds":http://www.seattlebicycle.com/rides/maps/gasworks_blueridge_edmonds_perrinville.pdf sounds particularly fun. I'll have to try that route.