Some quick notes on cool tools that I’ve been exploring lately around the area of IP blocking
* “kazaa-lite”: This is clean version of Kazaa. Doesn’t have spyware. Also implements IP blocking through a central “list”: The list itself is an interesting read for nerds.
* “PeerGuardian”: This is a general purpose IP blocker. Sort of like a lightweight personal firewall with automatic update of blocked IP addresses. Works great because the IP list gets updated daily, but in current releases 1.99 and 1.98, it is very resource intensive. Fascinating to see my personal machine banged by doubleclick all day.
* Filetopia: Your secure file sharing and communications tool. Got a good review from some of the folks at

2 responses to “Peer Guardian and Filetopia”

  1. seraphielx Avatar

    thanks for giveing us some good props on the peerguardian database.
    we now have ways to import the database into most major firewalls for more protection.
    come register on our site and we will show you how 🙂

  2. Henry Ratcliff Avatar
    Henry Ratcliff

    I use Kazaalite but I didn’t know it had an Ip blocking feature.
    Can someone email me and tell me how to access this?
    Thank you,
    Henry Ratcliff

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