Blog Tools Update

Blog Tools Update

While looking at RSS Feed Readers, I also found that the blog clients have gotten much better. Here's my quick review and update:
* :: w.bloggar ::. This was the original blog client that I used. He's been buys working on it and it now supports a whole bunch of blog tools using a standard interface and is a very nice HTML editor, spell checking and also the new Windows media 9 blogger api (see below)
* "Music Blogger API": Microsoft has done an API for Windows Media Player so that blogging clients can pick up the name and track of music you are listening to while writing an entry and throw it at the bottom of a post. Kind of cool. Bill has extended this to Winamp 2.0 and winamp 3.0. Too bad there is not a musicmatch version.
* "Zempt": This is Bill Zeller's dedicate MovableType blogging client. Kind of cool. Nicest thing is that he has an Internet Explorer icon that does a Zempt it! which calls up the local client. I love that Blog it! feature of Movable Type and this is even better in that it is local to the machine so very fast.


  1. Good to know, I’ll have to give that a try. Haven’t paid for any blog software yet, but this might be interesting to sample

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