More router logging tools


Link Logger. This is another logger for common home network routers. Interesting to look at and see what folks are doing. I'm not sure the average home owner is going to use this, but if there were an automated service that would be great.
"DShield Are You Cracked?": A great little script. It checks the Dshield data base of IP addresses that are attacking other machines. If your IP address is there, then there is a good chance you've got a worm.
"DShield the Movie': A kind of cool idea that anyone doing a logger should think about. This thing shows the attack by hour graphically and in motion. Very visual and compelling. Amazing how many Blaster attacks are still going on (this is the attack on port 135 owned by epmap in Windows).
"Dshield Reports": Fascinating list of the top 10 attackers, the attacks themselves, etc. The cool thing is "Blocked List": which you can automatically use to block suspicious Ip addresses. Too bad router control software doesn't do this automatically.

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