Getting Visioneer 7600 to work…arrghh

I’ve been trying to get our old Visioneer 7600 to work and have lost the CD. Thank goodness for “”: or “”: they actually have all these random DLLS that various folks spill everywhere. The required files that are needed are: * maxkrnl.dll * – download maxcodec.dll is a good example. Used by PaperPort […]

Peer to peer voip

Hey Ludwig, here’s the next big thing, it’s a peer to peer voip service. Give it a try! Skype is moving like wildfire through my family and friends.  Wow.  Easier than e-mail and chat (now that they are garbaged up with features). [John Robb’s Weblog] Listening to Landslide by Dixie Chicks from Home (03:50)

My goodness, a record label that gets it…

I’m just not sure that prosecuting your customers and telling them they are wrong are a good strategy. Never mind what the law says, its interesting to me to see that folks download songs yes, but iTunes is doing well and most folks are happy to pay $1-2 for a ring tone for goodness sakes. […]

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