International Calling to the US

International Calling to the US

OK, I just went to the UK and Germany and realized that even with a wonderful world phone, it is very expensive to call given the roaming charges. Here are the ways around that:
* CogniCall Long Distance Calling Card. This is an international long distance calling card. Nice thing is that it is billed to your credit card and there is no minimum monthly (unlike IDT which I used to have) nor is it prepaid (so you don't have to leave money lying around). Rates are pretty good. It is $0.17 from a UK landline to the US. Hoops, take note, this is a good card for going to Spain. Have to order in advance though.
* "MCI World Traveler": This is a pretty good card. It is $25. And the rates are pretty good. $0.19 from a UK landline to the US. Main problem is that it expires after six months, so it is roughly equivalent to IDT which I've used before. It charges $2/month even when you don't use it. A good deal if you are going to use it all up quickly. Also it rounds to 3 minutes, so not great for short calls.
* "IDT": I've used quite a few times. Reliable and similar in cost to MCI. Best if you have a international phone or a mobile on a prepay so you can call the local access number and then jump to the US.
* "Phone Card Savers": A pretty good comparison site. Does a specific call to the USA comparison.
* "Everdialback": This is great if you have live overseas and have a dedicated phone line. Won't work if you are calling from a hotel or a mobile. It is $0.43/minute calling from a UK mobile to the US for instance.

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  1. I’d ust like to say that this website has given me great service as well as fantastic audio throughout all the calls that I have made! I really love their pinless dialing feature and how simple their website is. My whole household uses it to stay in touch with relatives overseas. It’s definitely worth a peak.

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