Cool Cell Phones

Been spending a bunch of time in Europe lately, so it has been fun to compare the different cell phones in the US and here. Here’s quick scoop on cool ones:
* a little ludwig goes a long way: My new phone — Siemens SL56. This has been in Europe for a while. An amazingly small one. This is just a phone, so doesn’t have a zillion functions.
* Sony Ericsson P810. This is a class of smart phones you don’t see much here. Based on the Symbian Operating System, so it feels like you are using a “big” device. Incredibly big screen and a tap-able user interface. There is a keyboard when you close the thing so you can dial like a conventional phone. Has ever feature in the known universe including camera, MP3 player, SD card slot for more memory. Only problem is that it is incredibly hard to find and use things. For instance, taking a picture and then sending it takes quite a few clicks. Amazing screen is the main thing.

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  1. Ralph Avatar

    Do you know the new P900? It is much better than the P802!

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