Titanium Break-Away just a concept


Five components that caught Andrew's attention. It's sad that one of the top five things that caught Velonews interest is just a concept. I asked Johannes over at Ritchey Logic (a great guy btw, answers email very quickly and is approachable in the extreme) and here is what he said. Sad to me they had enough interest, but are too busy it sounds like to make it a product. Heck, maybe folks can lobby them at "Ritchey":http://www.ritcheylogic.com/contacthm.htm:
From: Johannes Schmidt
Sent: Monday, October 27, 2003 9:35 AM
To: Rich Tong
Subject: RE: Titanium Break-Away
That bike was a concept bike and we do not have any solid plans for development. We did have enough interest to make the Ti bike a reality but at this time I do not have any time line or pricing available. Keep your eyes on the website for updated product info.
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