HDTV in Seattle

Seattle HDTV News. Well, Jeremy seems to have the best site for Seattle specific information about High definition TV. Here’s the current scoop as covered in the “Seattle PI”:http://seattlepi.nwsource.com/tv/143274_hdtv10.html. To see what shows are actually on, “HDTV Galaxy”:http://www.hdtvgalaxy.com/broad.html seems like it is the most comprehensive, although you need to use KCTS’s own “schedule”:http://www.kcts.org/tvschedule/dtv.asp for specific […]

Evening Bags

Connie wants a “clutch” (no dummy no the car kind, the purse kind). Amazing how hard it is to shop on the Internet for clothes. I tried froogle.com, bizrate.com, etc. “Ebags”:http://ebags.com seems to have the most selection. Interesting there isn’t a service that directs you even after a bunch of google searches. I finally settled […]

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