HDTV in Seattle

Seattle HDTV News. Well, Jeremy seems to have the best site for Seattle specific information about High definition TV. Here’s the current scoop as covered in the “Seattle PI”:http://seattlepi.nwsource.com/tv/143274_hdtv10.html.
To see what shows are actually on, “HDTV Galaxy”:http://www.hdtvgalaxy.com/broad.html seems like it is the most comprehensive, although you need to use KCTS’s own “schedule”:http://www.kcts.org/tvschedule/dtv.asp for specific local PBS details. You can also try “TitanTV”:http://titantv.com/ttv/home/HDTVUpdate.aspx which also has a guide.
h4. Cable via Comcast
They have in high definition lineup includes seven channels. It costs $5/month for the box and then you need the relevant basic plan (for KOMO and KCTS), digital cable (for FSN, ESPN, INHD and INHD2) and premium for (HBOHD and SHOHD) Here’s a “lineup”:http://jeremycomcast.home.comcast.net summary courtesy of Jeremy:
* Fox Sports Net. Mariner games only. on channel 100.
* KOMO/4. Channel 104.
* KCTS/9. They have a few channels including KCTS HD on 108 on 5pm-midnight (this is dedicated programming), KCTS Digital on 109 (this is a simullcast 480p of channel 9, while the other is 1080i), KCTS Kids on 110 5pm-midnight, KCTS Learns on 112.
* ESPN HD on channel 173 in 720p
* HBO HD. Channel 549
* Showtime HD. 574
* INHD and INHD2. These are the pay-per-view high definition movies. On channels 664-665.
Hopefully, we’ll see KING (NBC), KONG, KSTW (UPN), KTWB (WB), Starz, TMC, Cinemax coming soon. There are negotiations for KIRO (CBS), Discovery and HDNet also in progress but farther out.
“Motorola DCT 5100”:http://gicout60.gic.gi.com/customer_docs/user_guides/502403-001.pdf. Also, you can tweak the Motorola DCT 5100 STB to your hearts content using an “FAQ”:http://www.cjhengineering.com/5100faq.htm. Ah, how I love geeks. There are two more STBs coming from Motorola. One of them has a PVR in it so you can record programs from cable! It is called the DCT 6208. Part of the upcoming 6200 line.
h4. Over the Air
My Dad has over the air and here is what he can get. There is a bizaree system where there is a UHF channel, but this is overlaid with a virtual channel so that you don’t have to remember UHF 18 is the same as VHF 4. Also, there are actually subchannels allowed, so PBS for instance has four subchannels that are their own programming.
* KCPQ (Fox). Channel 13-1 and 13-2 (On real UHF Channel 18)
* KTWB (WB). 22-1 and 22-2 (real UHF 25)
* KBTC (PBS). 28-1, 28-2, 28-3, 28-4 (on real UHF 27)
* KONG. 16-1 (real UHF 31)
* KSTW (UPN). 36-1 (real 36)
* KOMO (ABC). 4-1 (real 38)
* KIRO (CBS). 7-1 (real 39)
* KCTS (PBS). 9-1, 9-2 on real 41
* KING (NBC). 5-1 on real 48.

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