“SlimX Batteries”:http://electronics.realbuy.ws/B000063574.html. _My batteries in my SlimX aren’t holding charge, here is a review from someone who found out where to buy them_
I had a difficult time finding places to buy the special rectangular NiMH batteries which the SlimX uses, not to mention a source for an external charger. I figured the following might be helpful for others in the same boat.
iRiver iMP-350 SlimX uses 2x NiMH “prismatic” (gumstick) batteries of 1400mAh capacity each. These are the batteries which you install into the flip doors under where the CD spins. Apparently, these batteries are commonly used by
portable MiniDisc units from Sony, Panasonic, etc. The following batteries should be equivalent:
* Sanyo HF-A1U
* Sony NH-14WM
* Panasonic RP-BP140H
The lowest price I’ve found so far [on the net, anyway] is US$20/battery (Sanyo HF-A1U), from “TNR Technical”:http://www.tnrtechnical.com/prismatic-rectangular-cells.html (notice the pricelist posted is already outdated) or at “Warehouse 123”:http://www.warehouse123.com/product_list.php?cat=battery
The Sony and Panasonic batteries appear to be more $$$ (some places sell the Sony NH14WM for US$27). I doubt the Sony battery is 10x better than the Sanyo part, especially considering they both claim ~1400mAh capacity.
If anyone wants to conduct a comparison please post results here 🙂 The depressing thing is that this means a set of replacements is $40 or nearly the price of the player!

4 responses to “SlimX Battery Replacement”

  1. Larry Avatar

    This entry was really helpful! Glad I found it.

  2. Aaron Avatar

    6.20 a peice here

  3. aleste Avatar

    omg thank you so much for this entry! lol. i kept coming up with uk sites… if only the mah was higher… but betterthan none thanks! ^^

  4. Matt Avatar

    iRiver sells the replacement batteries for $20 (plus s/h and tax) on their website. $20 for a PAIR of batteries. That’s the lowest price I’ve been able to find them for.

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