Spyware and DivX 5


How to deal with spyware/adware. Yuck spyware, here's a good source of information about it. Specific data on DivX:
When you finish installing DivX, it will immediatly start a program called ?gain trickler,? which slowly downloads GAIN onto your hard drive. It will also put the trickler on your start list, so that it executes each time you reboot. Deal with that (you can use msconfig to edit your start list). Then run Ad-Aware and remove every trace of GAIN except for the
registry key. DivX 5 will still work. "Doom9":http://forum.doom9.org/showthread.php?s=185c6d4850da18d8081b3024c8b0118b&threadid= has a great article on this.
(Of course, paying for Divx 5 will also get you a spyware-free version.) Also, be aware that the for-profit version of the DivX 5 codec, whether paid for by ads or by direct payment, offers no advantages for people who only want to watch movies. All you need to watch Divx-encoded video is the basic version, which does not come with spyware. Or choose the better option: install the ffdshow DirectShow filter (the latest version, regardless of whether or not its ?alpha?) and then watch video using the media player of your choice.

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