80GB isn't enough


a little ludwig goes a long way: Installing XIII right now.... You're right that 80GB no longer is big enough. I'm maxed out right now just with video files on a 120GB machine and my home server has 2x120GB and I'm creaking at not enough space. I just deleted all my games I don't use and am archiving my home videos on DVDs.
So, storage remains an issue. Thank goodness Fry's is selling the 250GB Western Digital drives for $120 after mail-in rebate. I have to get over there ASAP to buy these drives and do some reshuffling. Right now I'm thinking a minimum of 250GB per machine and the server needs 1TB.
Plus with all this video editing, I'm going to need more processors. First time I've actually needed more horsepower in five years (I have right now a 450MHz Pentium III, a 400MHz Pentium III and a 2.4GHz Pentium IV). Good for Intel long term I think 🙂