Performance Ski Rentals

Performance Ski Rentals

I've been renting skis for the last five years. I know, I know, should have bought some, but was never clear the kids would like it. Now, I'd like to try some fancy skis, but need them for a while. Here are some optiosn:
* Rentals Woodinville Ski Rentals - $200 for performance ski rental. 1425485SKIS.
* "Fiorini": In University Village still I think. Not sure if they rent. 206-523-9610.
* "Play it Again Sports": A franchise of used dealers. In Seattle at 206 264-9255
* "Sturtevant's": I've been going to their discount shop called Ski-Mart for years to rent skis. Not sure if they rent performance skis though.


  1. I am almost certain Sturtevant?s rents high-end stuff. Unless something has changed in the past few years (aside from their location), they had the best customer service around. They wanted you to be happy with your purchase, and I believe part of that was a ‘try before you buy’ attitude.

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