Best LCD Monitors

191T Black 19″ LCD Monitor (Samsung-191TBLACK) – It’s amazing how prices have come down. Even a gigantic 19 inch monitor is now just $650 according to pricegrabber.
“Tom’s Hardware on 19inch LCDs”: This Samsung unit got a good review. As usual, they really like the very expensive Illyama “AS4821DT”:, but the Samsung seemed to have good performance at a great price.
“Tom’s Hardware on 17 inch monitors”: He also looked at budget 17″ LCD panels. These are faster so are nearly Ok for action gaming. They really like the screen that comes on the “Hercules Prophetview 920 Pro DVI”:, the Ilyama or the Hyundai Q17. All are hard to find in the US unfortunately. Turns out these all use a screen made by Hyundai, so if you want a fast screen with a 16 ms response thats great for gaming, you should buy one of these.

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