a little ludwig goes a long way: Carrying around gigabytes. John’s right, there is going to be essentially unlimited storage sitting in your pocket. What would you do with it.
Personally, I think the strongest point of these devices is that they are completely passive, so you don’t have to plug a screen in. If something did have a terabyte in it, I think the long term scenario is music, video *and* applications.
Wouldn’t it be nice to really have the pluggable unit you could slam into any PC and have your applications, your music, your video and your files. All safe and secure and defnitely yours.
Also a great way to just capture stuff. The nice thing about keyfob storage is that you never run out of batteries.

One response to “Terabyte in Your Pocket”

  1. John Ludwig Avatar
    John Ludwig

    i like the passivity point. you don’t have to plug a screen in, and you don’t have to worry about charging them or changing batteries. they just work.

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