The file comparisons


Since I've been overclocking, I've seen two cases where the file systems have gotten corrupted, so caveat emptor. Seems pretty serious on NTFS since it scrambles everything. For instance on one machine, I lost a big part of the file tables. On another, it corrupted the Windows installation.
In order to get back to sanity, I've only found a reinstall works. It also helps to know what has actually been blown away. Here are some tools:
* Windiff. This is actually part of the Windows XP CD. It is in the SUPPORT area. You can compare two directories.
* Beyond Compare - The file compare and directory compare utility from Scooter Software I have some corrupted files on my machine. This is a great utility with a free 30 day trial that let's you do file and direcotry comparison that I found awesome.
Beyond Compare?, the advanced file and folder comparison utility for Windows, helps you visualize changes in your code, keeps your directories in sync, and validates copies of your data.

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  1. maybe this is nuts …. but what if you run gbit ethernet and ripl boot your overclocked workstation? so the file system is remote and on a non-overclocked machine? what are the perf and data corruption tradeoffs of doing this? I bet you have less file corruption…but at the cost of some perf? just randomly thinking tonight…it would be nice to overclock without reducing your data to ashes.

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