Windows Update fails if your system time is off


My main problem right now is that Windows Update isn't working.
It's the well know "Windows Update Problem": call 0x800a138f. Great name!
In my case, studying c:\windows\windows update.log revealed I was really getting an 0x800C0008 error (man have PCs become like mainframes or what!). Amazingly, this is because I got the clock screwed up by a year (2003 not 2004), so it rejected a bunch of things. When I have time I'll research that :-). Interesting to see the auto time sync in Windows refuses to update the time if it is dramatically off. I had thought that time was never going to be a problem again. Sigh.

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  1. Well, same problem, except my clock time is [currently] Feb 11, 2004, 6:54pm [NZST]
    time zone is GMT +12. Only thing I can think is it should actually be GMT + 13 at the moment.

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