More on Overclocking…


Seems like everyone is got something on this. Here are some links:
CPU overclocking:
* "Dev Hardware FAQ": A guide for Pentium 4 800MHz FSB machines. A great guide. Basically says, you can overclock a 2.4 or 2.6GHz to about the same as 3.2GHz one. Also that cooling is the firs timiting factor to get beyond 3.6GHz. You also need a great motherboard that can handle very fast speeds (300-333MHz which the Pentium Quadpumps to 1.2GHz-1.5GHz!). Most boards are 875 or 865 based. Check FutureMark's Online Result Browser (ORB) for overclocking results. Another piece is memory, the basic recommendation is to buy PC3200 memory a reverse divider (run the board at 300MHz and the memory at 200MHz requires a 3:2 divider).
Graphics card overclocking:
* "Dev Hardware FAQ": It says download Coolbits for nVidia or Radclocker for ATI. Points out that when you overclock, go up 5-10MHz at a time and watch for artifiacts in video and also how hot the card is.
* RivaTuner. _Yet another tuning for video adapters, I've been using coolbits so far, this is the other major on_. RivaTuner is a tweaking utility for NVIDIA and ATI display adapters running under Windows 98 / Windows 98 SE / Windows ME / Windows 2000 and Windows XP. The purpose of this utility is to give you access to all the undocumented features of Detonator and Catalyst drivers. It's a bunch of registry edits, so you really have to know what you're doing.
* "5900 to 5950 Ultra": Apparently, you can flash the right nVidia graphics card and get an upgraded one. Don't know if it would work on my own card. Interesting to see what people can do though.