Photo Printers: January Update…


OK, based on a couple of reviews at and also, here's a list of printers to consider at the top end:
* Epson 2200. $600 street. The grand daddy anmd most folks still love it.
* Epson Stylus "R800": $400 street. Brand new, has 8 inks. Can also print directly to DVDs/CDs. Some complain about duller image though. See previews at "Red River";, but most folks seem to like it quite a bit. Widespread availability in February. Announced at CES. Also see "FLAAR": which BTW is a really great web site for high-end printers.
* Canon "i960": $170 street. He basically loves this printer. It is a 2 picoliter ink head, so it is incredibly fine and the quality is amazing. So is the price!
* HP Photosmart "7960": $260 street. Main drawback is that you get six inks with three cartridges, so not quite as efficient as one ink per cartridge. Like our current HP, the print head is in the cartridge, which is why they are expensive, but also why they don't clog. Compared with the Canon i960, it has less punch, but seems more accurate than the i960.